Let's become partners!

We have great products with very competitive prices.
We make sure that your booking system has all available functions that help you increase your customer access and receive online bookings.

You have a good network, existing customers or just a great interest in selling and making everyday life easier for our customers. We collaborate with entrepreneurs, influencers, developers, agencies etc.

Let's conquer the market together

We are expanding our business to new markets all over the world.
Contact us and find out if this also applies to your market.

Become a Vanabar partner
and earn commission up to 30%
on all your customers' subscriptions

It is always easier to sell a booking subscription for free. And even if you, as a partner, will not earn any commission, a free subscriber customer can easily become a paying customer tomorrow.
A partner will ALWAYS receive commissions from their clients as long as they are with Vanabar

Recommend or sell the Vanabar booking system today and receive commissions as
soon as they start using it.

Refer 1 to 10 clients - get 20% on all booking subscriptions

Refer 10 or more clients- get 30% on all booking subscription

A partner program that rewards both you and your customers. Your customers also get:

  • Fast and seamless onboarding
  • Ready to use integration setup
  • Early access to new features
  • Zero setup fee
  • No annual maintenance fee
  • Priority support
  • Very competitive prices
  • We are a flexible company that always puts our customers' needs first