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We provides support for monthly subscribers as long as they are subscribed with the company. For custom based models, the users can expect months free support from our technical team.

On Vanabar Web:
1. Navigate to Main Menu > Get started for free

An automated online booking system allows a customer to do all the work for you.

Key benefit of having a booking system:

• Your business remains open 24/7
• Online booking leads to faster payments
• Decreases the number of no-shows
• Cuts your workload in half
• Increases your business credibility with better user experience
• Less telephone time
• Offers insight into your business
• Helps you to stay organized

We know that analyzing your statistics is part of your road-map to success. Our easily digestible reporting features will provide the data to make informed decisions.

You can cancel anytime in your profile section through the admin panel.

All bookings are automatically confirmed via email. Without an address to send the confirmation to the booking can't be accepted. We'll also use your email address to send reminders for any bookings made more than 24 hours in advance of your dining date.

To set opening hours for your business (hours when bookings are allowed) go to Admin > Restaurant Setting From there you can set the working hours for each day of the week when your business is open for visiting.

Once installed on your server, all you need to do to embed the business reservation system on your website is to copy/paste a short snippet of code into your page. In the Admin go to Install, then copy the code and paste it into your web page.

You can embed Vanabar booking widget on any website, regardless of the website builder or content management system you use. Just copy and paste the generated embed code.

• Create a free account with Vanabar. no risk and try with no obligations - no credit card required
• Copy paste a few lines of code to your website
• Receive Online Bookings.

Yes, You can create a free acount with no obligations. Get 10 bookigns every day for test or you can use as real system with your website.

You can use the widget code snippet to see the widgets available to integrate the booking engine into your website.

When creating an account with Vanabar, you’ll need to setup the availability of the business and configure other settings. When you’ll be generating a code snippet for a widget, all this data will be included.

No pressure, sign up for free and use the free setup as much as you want. Once you are satisfied with the system then choose the enterprise plan.

Absolutely. Vanabar is an honest company and we are in this business for the long term. NO hidden cancellation fees, NO long term binding contracts, You choose the period you want to pay for (1month, 6month, 12month, 24month) and that's it.

But of course! If you are super busy and would like us to set the system up with your website, then fee free to ask for the technical support because it's totally free.

If you have a free plan then you can recieve only 10 bookings per month. But If you choose the Enterprice plan then there is not limit.

A single SMS message technically supports up to 160 characters, A text that contains more than 160 characters must be split into multiple message.

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