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Payment method

  • ✔ Visa
  • ✔ Mastercard
  • ✔ Apple Pay
  • ✔ Google Pay


  • ✔ Flexible settlements
  • ✔ Monthly, Weekly, Daily bases settlements


  • ✔ Highest PCI level of compliance
  • ✔ 3D Secure
  • ✔ Intelligent fraud filter

Payment gateway

  • ✔ Terminal integration with activation code
  • ✔ E-commerce checkout page
  • ✔ Lowest transaction fee


  • ✔ Connect easily with 24/7
  • ✔ In-house multilingual customer support
  • ✔ A dedicated relationship management team

Vanabar deals

  • ✔ Purchase or rental
  • ✔ 12-36 months of commitment or no commitment at all
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CashBox and Card Terminal PAX A920

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Payment Terminal


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Daily settlements.


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